Brother Dream Machine XV8550D

Brother embroidery machine PR680W can help you create designs that are fit for a hobbyist or a small business. With a six needle speed, WLAN capacity, exact crosshair efficiency, and an ample 8″ x 12″ embroidery space.

PR680W also provides 100 original edging patterns, 18 personalized font forms, and 140 frame design sequences. It also includes 50 lettering fonts, 50 basic utility stitches, and 10 buttonhole forms in 3 sizes that allow you to come up with new ideas for an up-cycling design.

Brother Innov-ís BQ2500

Brother quilting machine, Innov-ís BQ2500 is the perfect tool for those wanting an upgrade. With 729 inherent stitches, 14 autofit buttonhole forms, and a shift of presser feet, BQ2500 is a sewing and quilting workshop in a box.

The BQ2500 tool is a design keeping its fashionable sewing heritage. It unites basic features like auto length change, a swivel function, and a changeable-speed bobbin winder.

Brother Innov-ís BQ3100

Created for modern quilters, the handy and chic Innov-ís BQ3100 fits seamstresses that focus on designing house decoration. It has an inbuilt auto height, pivot capacity, 729 inbuilt stitches, and 14 auto-fit buttonhole designs. The BQ3100 is easy for an aspiring beginner and great for expert seamstresses that are looking for an upgrade.

Brother SE400

Decorate your project with perfect and beautiful designs with this affordable machine. The SE400 gives both a complete variety of sewing features. This includes the capacity to decorate house decor, apparel, and benefits with its added 4 “x4” embroidery abilities.

Amateur and skilled sewers alike will love the SE400 sewing machine inbuilt features, with 67 stitches and 98 stitch uses. With its computer connection, you can likewise get patterns from your PC. Furthermore, the SE400 has an inbuilt embroidery card slot to add designs from your various devices.

Brother Innov-ís NQ1700E

The sewing machine Innov-ís NQ1700E has cutting-edge features that have you eager to decorate and personalize all your projects. The NQ1700E has 258 inbuilt brocade designs, with 140 frame design mixtures and 13 lettering fonts. It also has wireless LAN, a vast workspace, and a 6″ x 10″ embroidery space.

Brother Innov-ís NQ3700D

A combination of new machines, the NQ3700D has rich features like 313 inbuilt needlework designs. Plus, it has 55 techniques that can highlight Disney & Pixar patterns and 291 inbuilt stitches. If connected to a network, you can send data from your PC to your device through the database.

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These new machines offer a lot of new features that can overpower traditional sewing machines. Brother not only has many available options, but they also have higher quality, are more durable, and are lighter on your wallet.

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