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Presenting the AIRFLOW 3000 Air Serger

Airflow 3000 Air Serger

The AIRFLOW 3000 is excellent for challenging fabrics such as fine knits and stretchy materials. The AIRFLOW 3000 Air Serger can achieve outstanding finishing touches with flatlock, overlock, and rolled hem stitches on most specialty fabrics. This machine can also cut and finish seams all in one pass.

The AIRFLOW 3000 threading ports are connected to the end of each looper by tubes, and at the touch of a button, a blast of air sends the threads through the loopers, so it’s a cinch to change thread colors.

Features of the AIRFLOW 3000:

  • Air Threading Technology
  • Excellent Stitch Quality
  • Quick Change Levers
  • Safety Sensor and Error LED
  • No Lint Build-up
  • Plus much more……

If you are interested in the Brother AIRFLOW 3000 Air Serger or any of the other machines that we offer, please contact or stop by and visit us today.