What is an Embroidery MachineWere you aware that there are machines designed just to help you with embroidery? These fantastic embroidery machines can make your job so much easier, but how do they work? And exactly what is an embroidery machine anyway?

Here’s a quick breakdown of what the machine is and what it can do for you.

What Is an Embroidery Machine?

An embroidery machine is very similar to regular sewing machines, but the key purpose is different. Embroidery machines will embroider designs onto materials, allowing you to add words, shapes, or other designs to your fabric.

Embroidery machines have software that lets you automatically embroider something onto your fabric. You’ll need to load the fabric and attach it to hoops so that things line up properly, but then the machine can stitch the artwork on automatically, following the software that you selected.

These machines range in complexity and quality, and you may have to do some extra work to set up and learn how to use an embroidery machine. For example, some of them only allow for one color of thread at a time, meaning you’ll have to rethread the machine every time you want to change colors.

Where Can You Get Embroidery Machines?

There are several differences between sewing and embroidery machines, but the neat thing is, they can sometimes be combined! Some higher-end machines will have both sewing and embroidery functions, letting you do all your work with only one machine.

Bear in mind, a regular sewing machine is made to sew pieces of fabric together, while an embroidery machine is made to decorate something. If you want to make a dress, a sewing machine is the tool you need. But for adding extra patterns or designs onto the existing fabric, you need embroidery!

Brother and Babylock both have embroidery machines for sale. You can either get a separate machine, or get a combination sewing and embroidery machine, depending on your needs.

Are They Expensive?

Not always! Just as there are many types of sewing machines, there are many types of embroidery machines you can get, ranging widely in price. Some embroidery machines can be only a few hundred dollars and give you the basics of what you need to embroider your work.

Others can be much more complex and expensive but come with a wide variety of extra features, like USB ports, multiple needles, and even automatic needle threaders. Typically, the priciest are the combination sewing and embroidery machines, but don’t feel like you have to spring for that if you don’t want to!

There are plenty of great options that can provide the features you need at a price you want. Once you know what you want to get, there’s almost certainly something out there that’s right for you!

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