We are so grateful 1st and foremost for God’s blessing on us to allow us another year to help us take care of our customers offering them some of the most excellent classes out there and also training on Baby Lock machines when you purchase them.

Our customers are very important to us. No-one else in the industry we know of offers the variety of embroidery and sewing classes we do and most of our classes are FREE, including our Anita Goodesign classes that fill up as soon as we put them on our website. If you have never attended our classes why not watch our class schedule? We are adding some of the most exciting classes ever!!

I pray Our Lord Jesus blesses you and yours measurably beyond words and hope you consider Ruthies Notions – Sewing by Ruth Barnhill when you need a new Baby Lock Machine. We have been selling Baby Lock machines for over 30 years and have been at the top in sales since we started. No-one else we know gives you all the extras to help get you started right and the training and classes we offer.

Just ask some of our customers who have purchased their Baby Lock machines from us over the years. This business is the Lords we want to do our best for him. I love what I do and our heart is to help you learn and enjoy your Baby Lock machine to the fullest possibilities.

Wait until you experience the classes at Ruthies Notions. You will love, love, love them. You will not want to miss any of them!



Praise the Lord from who all blessings flow.