Guide to Threading an Embroidery NeedleDid you know that embroidery goes back to 30,000 BC?

Can you imagine trying to thread a needle in ancient times without knowing any helpful tricks? If you have ever gone cross-eyed or spent an absurd amount of time trying to thread a needle rather than actually sewing, I imagine that is how frustrated those people must have felt.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of tips and tricks on how to thread your needle for hand embroidery and machine embroidery easily. Read on to learn about the methods of threading your needle so you can spend more time doing embroidery and less time being frustrated.

Embroidery Needle

What makes an embroidery needle different from a sewing needle? An embroidery needle has a wider groove and a longer eye to accommodate for embroidery thread.

These particular types of needles are helpful when using an embroidery machine because they help prevent the thread from breaking or splitting. When the device moves faster, the floss rubs against the needle, causing friction. Since the needles are different from sewing needles, you won’t have to worry about your designs becoming a mess.

Some needles work for most fabrics, but you will want a sharper point if you use a more tightly woven fabric. These needles come in rounded tips, pointed tips, and a combination of the two. Make sure you are using the correct embroidery needle for your project.

Prep the Thread

Before you try to thread your embroidery needle, you will want to prep your embroidery thread.

  • Cut the thread with sharp scissors at a 45-degree angle.

Cutting at an angle is especially helpful when your thread is thicker. Starting with a clean edge will help the floss go through the needle’s eye much smoother without splitting.

  • Make the thread stiffer.

You can do this by applying a tiny bit of saliva at the tip of the floss. You can also use beeswax or a drop of water.

How to Thread an Embroidery Machine

If you are threading a Brother embroidery machine, such as the Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X, you can easily thread the machine as long as you can count; you can easily thread the machine!

  1. Each thread stand is numbered, along with the corresponding hole your thread will go through. Begin by placing your first spool of thread onto the first thread stand. Make sure the door is open by moving the little switch on the top right of the machine.
  2. Now you are ready to begin threading the machine. Feed thread into every hole marked with the number one, working your way from the back of the device to the front. Make sure to close the door after you have put your thread through the hole.
  3. You will reach a small silver sensor; clip your thread underneath to secure. Once you get the first tension knob in the front, wrap the thread around once and follow the arrow to the second sensor. Clip the yarn under again.
  4. Take your thread down and then loop it back up and into the small threading hole. Then bring it back down through the number one hole on the bottom.
  5. Thread the tip of your thread underneath the foot and cut the thread.

Helpful Tips

If you are threading a needle by hand, try placing white paper behind the needle as you are putting it through. The sheet will provide a strong contrast so your eyes can better focus.

When you are learning how to thread an embroidery machine, put a drop of white-out on the device directly behind the needle. Then every time you need to incorporate your machine, the strong contrast will already be there, making it a quicker and easier process.

You can also purchase and use a needle threader to help you.

Additional Resources

Threading a needle is one of the basics you will learn in embroidery. Doing embroidery is so much fun and relaxing. You could even start your own embroidery business one day!

If you would like to learn more about how to thread a needle, the basics of embroidery, or even how to start your own embroidery business, please browse and sign up for one of our fantastic embroidery classes.