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Presenting the Tiara III

With the Baby Lock Tiara III 16″ longarm quilting machine, you do not have to have a huge spacious room in order to quilt. This machine fits nicely in many spaces even apartments. It also makes it easy to learn the art of finishing quilts. The Tiara III offers a bright, lighted workspace and an intuitive LCD touch screen.

With this Baby Lock quilting machine you will receive customizable speed control, Quick-set Tension features, programmable needle positioning plus more. There are many helpful accessories such as the TruStitch™ Stitch Regulator that makes it easy to quilt at a comfortable pace. Koala even offers a Tiara Studio so you can give your machine a home.

Baby Lock Tiara III Features:

  • 16″ Workspace
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Lighted Workspace
  • Large “M” Class Bobbin
  • Maximum sewing speed of 1,800 spa

Baby Lock Tiara III Accessories:

  • TruStitch™ Stitch Regulator
  • Tiara III Table Overlay
  • Horizontal Spool Pin
  • Plus more…..

If you are interested in the Tiara III and have further questions, please contact us today. We are here to help you decide which machine will best suit your needs.