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Presenting the Sashiko

Baby Lock Sashiko Sewing MachineWhen you purchase a Sashiko sewing machine you will find that you can create the look of traditional hand-stitched projects. With a unique needle system and adjustable stitches, this machine perfectly replicates the distinctive and celebrated stitch.

With the Baby Lock Sashiko, you can add a hand-stitched touch to any of your creative projects simply by using a household machine.

Baby Lock Sashiko Features:

  • Precise Stitches
  • Stitch Length Control
  • Free-Flowing Sewing
  • LED Monitor
  • Bobbin System
  • U-Shaped Fluorescent Lamp

Baby Lock Sashiko Accessories:

  • Koala Studios
  • Extension table
  • Fabric Guide
  • Plus more…..

If you are interested in the Sashiko and have further questions, please contact us today. We are here to help you decide which machine will best suit your needs.